Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sheri's Tuesday Journal

1. Describe something you learned.

Our Brains:
Need 20 minute activities
Remember through repetitive timed intervals
Need kinesthetic and visual elements
Store learning in short term memories for 11.3 years before it transfers to long term memory.

Formative assessment creates stronger learning.
Conceptual understanding is like brainstorming and discussing in writing class -- it gets the juices flowing, provides background knowledge, and adds vocabulary so that the writing or the math can develop further into actual problems and writing pieces.

2. What do you still have questions about or would still like to learn?

I'd like Mary Jane to email me her power point.
I love math. It's a puzzle.

3. What applications are there to classroom practice?

I already have my class time sorted into 15 or 20 minute activities (high/low activities with active learning like think/pair/share, moving around or actions, art/sketch, and exit/entry cards).

I would like to include surveys, graphs, charts to take/analyze in writing class to extend math understanding.

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