Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August 17 Questions and Options

Questions and Options
Questions and options: that's what today emphasized.

What questions do you have?
What questions would you ask?
How else could this work?
How could this be adapted to other levels? other topics?

I just want to say that Nancy and Todd, Gail, Erin, Aaren, and Darrin (sorry about any misspellings) presented fantastic models of excellent lessons today. Every day so far these models for us offer such marvelous methods of how to adapt the 5Es to fit each and any topic and standard. If the kids in these districts represented by the teachers from the last three days are not learning, it's not because of the teaching or lessons.  These teachers are fabulous and I thank them for the time and effort taken to share with us.

Nancy and Todd presented something very simple that shared their way of teaching. While Todd engaged us in questions and options, Nancy annotated the information on the board. This demonstrated how each student for their labs creates a part/function list, a labeled diagram of the process, a flow chart of the system, and an organized list of all variables for their own inquiry. Their students apply systems and inquiry; they have practiced the standards of systems, inquiry, and application. Wowser.

Who wouldn't be excited to learn about Antarctica with a scientist as a guide? Another Wowser and thank you to Jeff Bowman for inviting us on his journey. To have a human connection, a real person students can know is so powerful for students to think, "I could do this." Such an inspiration.

And, of course, we finished our day with a network of friends and food. Thanks Jeff Bullock for understanding that people need to grow together to work together.

So here's a pictorial summary of the day. Enjoy, and thank you all.

Sheri Edwards
Reflect curiosity and wonder...
Go boldly and scatter seeds of kindness..

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