Wednesday, August 18, 2010

MSP August 17

Science and Math: A Natural


Doesn't it
seem a natural to include math in science, and to use science for math data? And the presentation in VoiceThread or in a report is writing.

Doesn't it seem like this is the type of learning students enjoy?

Doesn't it seem that this learning is real education: we learn while doing; we think when it's relevant; we progress when it's interesting.

And, more importantly, each person who is engaged learns what that person needs to learn; and that's not what everyone else learned -- but it's what was important.

This project is like Edutopia and ASCD Whole Child suggests would be better for kids and for education.

The VoiceThread shows how easy it is to include relevant technology that enhances the content.


Who will the MSP report to, and will what we are doing influence educational reform in Washington State?


In writing class, we can do social studies inquiry as well as science inquiry in simpler terms as we did today.

I would also like to thank Calvin (I think that's who) who introduced us to Interactive Notebooks. I've used a form of that in writing class, but as he explained the process in more depth, I see I can do more.

Here's a set of links for anyone interested; they will be what I will look to for more information also:

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  1. As always I learn from your postings. I am going to have to check out the interactive notebook also.

    Robin reports back to the HEC board (Higher Educaton Commission) and Jeff to OSPI -- both will be sharing the concept of collaborative grants with legislators this fall because of the reduced cost of a combined grant. -- Sharon


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