Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tool Implementation

Tools from this summer

Survey: Students took a survey that other students had taken
Graphs: Bar graphs of survey results (See Activity 1 below)
Fathom Graphs: Further Analysis of survey (see Activity 2 and 3 below)
Vocabulary as needed to understand data/graphs
Discussion of concepts: To activate schema for deeper understanding
Writing: To synthesize concepts and vocabulary for deeper understanding
Blog: Created math blog (Write Math 4 U) for the display of information and to share/reflect with students

Math 4 U blog post of survey information:

My Action Plan set a monthly math/science activity as a goal. The survey information has started that journey, and the first blog post provides several days of activities. I reflected on our first discussion here on this blog and student responses to our first discussion are here.

Completed Activity 1 with student comments
Activity 2: Ready for discussion/comments
Activity 3: Ready for discussion/comments

I'm still waiting for students to return permission slips so more students can comment and we can start blogs/wikis. The students enjoyed the review and discussion because the data started with their information to help them connect to the numbers and graphs. We still have Activities 2 and 3 to complete (discuss, analyze, clarify, comment).

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